David O'Dey

JavaScript & Web Component Developer, Front End Engineer, Phoenix Arizona
Started a new adventure with Pearson Education as a UX Prototyper. Our awesome team builds out production ready prototypes and re-usable web components with React.Js.
I work on the e-commerce team for O'Reilly Automotive as a UI / UX Engineer. Our team is redesigning the professional sales web application which generates over 1.2 million dollars a day in sales.
Went to my second 'An Event Apart' conference in Chicago and met another one of my heros Ethan Marcotte.
I became a proud daddy when our son Benjamin Peter O'Dey was born on October 11.
Worked for a design agency in Phoenix Arizona and lead the design of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate and Century 21's Fine Homes & Estates website.
Built my first style guide using Pattern Lab and designed my first SVG icon system.
Went to my first 'An Event Apart' conference in Chicago and met one of my heros, Jeffery Zeldman and Luke Wroblewski.
Won my first W3 award, for an iPhone application I designed for a company convention.
Setup my first front end build system, using Gulp.Js.
Won several more awards for best email design and best website design.
Crossed off an item on my bucket list, when I went to the MGM Grand in Vegas, to see the Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alverez fight. Electrifying!
Married my best friend in the entire world, Christine.
Built my first responsive website that was optimized for large, med and small screens.
Got introduced to front end frameworks Bootstrap & Foundation, which ultimately changed my design process by including rapid prototyping before I start the UI.
Opened a digital agency A Visual Identity in Phoenix Arizona, to help small businesses build their online presence.
Designed and developed my first custom Wordpress theme.
Pursued an opportunity in digital marketing with a designer eyewear company, Marcolin USA.
Re-Designed the corporate website and got exposure to a variety of content management systems.
Made my first trip to the Big Apple NYC, to work directly brands Kenneth Cole NY, Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford, and more.
Got my first job as an email designer for a custom auto accessories company, Street Beat Customs.
Moved from Chicago to Phoenix to pursue my Bachelors degree in Interactive Design / Web Management at UAT. At that time, UAT was one of the only schools in country teaching Web & Interactive Design.
Was introduced to CSS, Javascript and Flash.
Got my associates degree in Computer Networking.
Bought my first book on HTML and built my first website, hosted for free on Lycos.
Convinced my parents to invest in a Leading Edge brand computer running Windows 95. It had a 0486 Intel processor, 20mb of ram and 3.5 and 5.25 dual floppy drives. It was at then I knew, that I found my calling.
Graduated from the Atari 2600 to my first NES. I loved me some Super Mario & Castlevania.
Played my first game of Joust on an Atari 2600.